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Calling all indignants, occupiers, anarchists, socialists, communists, leftists, progressives, liberals, workers, and anyone with any respect for the dignity of humanity. Tomorrow is the day you never knew you had been waiting for. Join Occupy Wall St. for a General Strike that will mark the history books in red and black for all to remember. Cast off this system of exploitation and repression. Realize the potential of you and everyone around you. Unite in solidarity and liberate yourselves.
The time is NOW. Workers of the world, UNITE!
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The American Indignants New York City May Day Event 2012 Guide:

Morning Commute
8AM Maria Hernandez Park

Bike Bloc
9AM Union Square

Madison Square Park
10AM Madison Square Park

Guitarmy Music March
12PM Bryant Park

May Day Wildcat March
1PM 2nd and Houston

May Day Solidarity March
4PM Union Square

Jobs For All March
4PM Union Square


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Once Upon a Time In Athens: The Legend of The Riot Dog

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Riot Folk (Ryan Harvey) - Peace, Justice, and Anarchy

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