I want to bring my bike home to ride around Richmond, because my bike there isn’t great, but I’m pretty sure Amtrak doesn’t allow bikes on the train and if they don’t then idk I feel like I’m not going to even go home ever… either that or I will ride my bike all the way home along the highway. 

Everyone is so freaking helpless..

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The Madonna of the Roses (1903) & Pieta (1876), William Adolphe-Bouguereau  

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A lion and a miniature sausage dog have formed an unlikely friendship after the little dog took the king of the jungle under his wing as a cub.

Bonedigger, a five-year old male lion, and Milo, a seven-year old Dachshund, are so close that Milo helps the lion clean his teeth after dinner.

The 500lbs lion dwarfs little Milo, yet after the dog took the disabled lion into his protection as a cub, Bonedigger has rarely left his side.

Photos by Barcroft USA [dailymail]



Look how cute and precious these animal buddies are

He’s sharing his food with Milo and his buddies! :D


Unlikely animal best friends are one of the most ADORABLE things in the whole world :D

I fucking love weiner dogs.

I <3 animal friends. 

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I hate everyone so much. 

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I&#8217;m a child. @huntedhorse

I’m a child. @huntedhorse

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"Men love to take up so much space and spread their legs while sitting down but it&#8217;s because they&#8217;re saving room for cats! Duh!"

"Men love to take up so much space and spread their legs while sitting down but it’s because they’re saving room for cats! Duh!"

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Riding my bike 45 minutes one way, 7.5 miles from Ridgewood, Queens through Brooklyn across the Williamsburg Bridge to Union Square in Manhattan with my headphones on, listening to Tame Impala, and then riding back after the sun has gone down, today, has been the most invigorating experience I’ve had all year, I’m going to make sure to do it everyday now. Fuck the subway. The rush of narrowly dodging in-between cars going high speeds with nothing really to protect you is simply incredible, coupled with the amazing scenery.. it makes you feel like a jedi soaring past flying cars on that one city planet… what was it called?.. like Coruscant or something (cheesy reference I know, but still.) 

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It’s nice if you’re cute and all, and I respect your right to do whatever you want with your social media… but I really can’t understand the motives behind people that post selfies of them literally doing nothing but posing EVERY. SINGLE. DAY, Yeah, maybe the same 100 people will like it everyday and that’s great if it makes you feel better about yourself but.. isn’t it a little narcissistic? Even if you look good? Also, maybe you’re wearing different clothing everyday, but besides that, your appearance is basically the same so after awhile it seems unoriginal.. You don’t have to contribute anything to the internet, but if you do don’t you think you should mix it up a little every once in a while? Lastly, I spend a fuck ton of my downtime on the internet, no doubt, and I don’t judge people who spend as much or more time on it.. but if you’re spending your whole day preparing yourself to be aesthetically appealing just for the approval of the internet don’t you think you’re kind of wasting your life? Aren’t there more important things to be done? Even if you’re just blogging nonsensical rants about random people’s actions like I normally do? I don’t know..

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i am so sorry